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L'etang des Mirandes

L'Ètang des Mirandes is a small holiday complex set in parkland. The park has been gradually developed over 30 years with large, shadey trees and many bushes.
Buzzards, kites and falcons make their home here and can be seen from the terraces of each bungalow.
There is a play area for small children with swings.For older children and grown-ups there is table-tennis and volleyball.
There is also a swimming pool.

A small river "Le Crochet" flows through the park and alongside 5 of the bungalows.Children can enjoy building little dams and sailing small boats in the river. Trout can be seen in the river. The 6th. bungalow is by a small lake which is full of carp and eel. There are also ducks on the lake. Children can sail around the small island in the lake.